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Gradebook FAQs:

  1. HELP: My Gradebook calculations are wrong!

Why is my Category Total not calculating correctly and appears highlighted in yellow?

Yellow cells indicate that the original value has been Overridden or Frozen. It could have been intentional on your part or something triggered it in Moodle. To release this, go to your Grader Report , and click on the Pencil icon in the Yellow cell. Remove the OVERRIDE checkbox.

2. How can I exclude graded items from being counted towards the students Overall course grade?

Use a weighted mean for the overall gradebook. Then set the item or category it is in, to 0.

3. Extra Credit: I created a Quiz worth 105 points. One of my students got 100. Why does it show in the gradebook as 95.2%?

      • Because it calculates the grade as a percentage by dividing by the max points you set for the quiz, for this student 100/105 = 95.2%
    • How do I add Extra Credit (EC)?
      • Create a category that uses SUM –or- Simple Weighted Mean (SWM) aggregation. Then select the checkbox in the Extra Credit column for any item(s) in these categories that are optional extra credit.