Holocaust Education

Holocaust Education Video Clips - Survivor Testimonials

With digital Video, we can preserve, archive, and share our history using real-life testimonials recorded directly from our ancestors, and those who have witnessed history.   I have created a series of Holocaust Education clips recorded directly from my parents and my uncle who lived through and witnessed the Holocaust as Jewish teenagers living in France.  

These testimonial video clips were extracted directly from Steven Spielberg's  "Survivors of the Shoah" project.  The complete 3-4 hour testimonial tapes, of my mom, dad, and uncle, reside in the US Holocasut Museum in Washington, DC and at USC's Visual History Foundation.  I extracted and uploaded short clips onto Youtube, so that everyone can hear their stories.  They are appropriate for students of all ages.  

I hope these videos will help students identify and stop the hate.  Despite all the hate that my parents had to endure, they still were able to identify the kindness and bravery of the blessed few who helped them survive.  One person CAN make a difference.

- My videos mentioned on NJ Department of Education website http://www.state.nj.us/education/holocaust/inspirations/  
- View and listen to their stories:  http://youtube.com/bevmargo
- Read their stories on my Blog: 
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- Read my niece's Jewish Standard Cover Story from 2011: "Honoring my Family's Holocaust Past"



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